Edward’s Point-Chattanooga, TN

If you are just getting into hiking, or just want to hike to enjoy beautiful scenery, be sure to hike Edward’s Point.  This hike will allow you to enjoy bridge crossings, lush hiking trails and rock gardens.  Along the way from Signal Point, Edward’s Point is a 2.9 mile hike along the Cumberland Trail.  It totals 5.8 miles as an out and back trip.  Plan for about a 3.5 hour trek but be prepared to enjoy every minute of it.  While some of trail is difficult, you reward will be the breathtaking views from the Edwards Point area.  It’s pretty much perfect in all seasons.  So if you are staying in one of our beautiful cabins, or just in the area, be sure to take a pretty ride over to Edward’s Point in Chattanooga, TN and enjoy a great day of hiking!

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