Lantern Tour at Ruby Falls!

The Lantern Tour at Ruby Falls is back!  If you’ve seen Ruby Falls during the day, then must go see it with a lantern!  This awesome attraction is already a must see, but to see it dark and lit by lanterns alone, well it just something you must go see!  The limited sized tours  begin with a 260 foot elevator ride into the mountain.  From there, lanterns are given to select members of your group so that lighting is different throughout your tour.  The tour guide will have an inspector’s lantern for safety but beyond that, it will be a great adventure to enjoy seeing all the facades of inside Lookout Mountain.  You will especially enjoy the highlight of the tour;  Ruby Falls is illuminated through the use of a lantern and pulley system.  It is simply a spectacular sight to see!  Make your plans today to see and enjoy this great adventure!  Visit their website at: for all information concerning times and tickets.

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