Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

What a great day of exploring so many cool spots like the Old Stone Fort. The Old Stone Fort is a prehistoric Native American structure located in Coffee County, Tennessee. This is definitely a day trip from Deer Creek Cabin or Rocky Top Cabin.  About an hour  pretty and scenic drive, be sure to pack a lunch and stay all day.  Trust me, it’s worth it!  You will definitely want to see the “Fort” itself.  The walls of the Old Stone Fort consist of stone and earthwork, and are on average 4-6 feet high.  The walls originally consisted of an inner and outer layer of stacked rocks and slabs with gravel and earthen fill in between.  Over the centuries, the earthen fill has spilled over the rock layers, giving the walls their current mound like appearance.  The walls are divided into roughly 3 sections with 2 of the sections running roughly parallel to the Duck and Little Duck Rivers, and a third section that runs parallel to the southern rim of the peninsula.  Be sure to see the “moat” that runs along the southern wall at the base of fort.  The “moat” is a natural feature and is actually an abandoned river channel.  The “moat” was originally considered artificial, although researchers now believe it may be a natural dry riverbed.  This is just a few of the many things this historical area offers.  Make your reservation today for a great getaway to Deer Creek Cabin or Rocky Top Cabin and have a great time exploring and learning about this awesome historical area.

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