Be a smart hiker! A guide to safely hiking….

There is nothing like hiking in the Cumberland Plateau! This area is full of trails, rivers and creeks to enjoy. While enjoying the awesome scenery, know several key points to hiking with skill and staying safe at all times.
For starters, knowing your surroundings is the main key point to remember. Before stepping out on the trail, find out everything about the area, such as hazards, water conditions and your weather conditions for the area. Be sure to have a trail map if available, as they usually have the seasonal conditions that can help you become more familiar with the trail. Also, it’s great to take a friend or experienced hiker with you. if you are crossing any stream of water, be sure to have a hiking staff or a sturdy stick. This will allow you to have extra balance when crossing areas that may be slick. When going through water, be sure to take small shuffle type steps so you can brace yourself against the flow. If you are with friends, lock arms and wade thru. This will ensure stability for everyone. Also, it is a must to wear good sturdy boots.
Hiking is so much fun and you get to see so much. So just be smart, aware of your surroundings and most importantly ENJOY.
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