Nemo Healthy Hike

Have you ever been to the Cumberland Trail?  Well, that’s just over in Cumberland County which is just a short drive from Deer Creek Cabin and Rocky Top Cabin.  If you haven’t been, then this is the perfect time to go!  The Nemo Health Hike, named after a section of the Cumberland Trail, will be held on November 17th beginning at 11:00 AM EST.  This 2.5 mile hike will definitely be worth your time.  You will be entertained with scenic views of the Obed and Emory Rivers, as well as several different sandstone boulders in the park.  This is a free hike and no reservations are required.  So when you wake up and see that it’s going to be a good hiking day, head off to the Cumberland Trail and enjoy a nice morning of hiking and scenery!  See ya there!

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P.S.  Be sure to check out the link below for parking and all pertinent information.

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