Horsepound Falls-Great Beginners Hike

A hike to Horsepound Falls at the South Cumberland Recreation Area is an adventure rewarded by two waterfalls, an overlook, and a wonderful variety of wildflowers. West Collins is one of the best beginner backpacking hikes. The trails are very well marked with white blazes. You will want to take a rest at Rocky Point Overlook and enjoy the the scenery. Keep hiking to Suter Falls and leads you to a beautiful rock bluff overhand beside the triple drop waterfall. The area is a wonderful place to picnic. If you are up for a longer hike, wade across Rocky Mountain Creek below the falls and continue on toward Horsepound Falls. The top is one of the best places to see and enjoy the spring wildflowers. Each week the flowers get better. There are waves of white flowers that are just breath taking. After you descend to the lower part of the trail, you will have a choice of quiet places by Collins River. The spur trail to Horsepound Falls is clearly marked and bladed in blue. Hoursepound falls is a great lunch spot with lots of large flat rocks to sit on. After lunch, keep going to about a half of mile further and you can see Fall Creek cascade down the mountain and completely disappear into a sinkhole. When you are ready to retrace your steps, keep in mind its all up hill! You will reach the top and definitely want to take a break and watch the sunset from the overlook. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Come enjoy this hike and many others in this area and make your reservation to Deer Creek Cabin or Rocky Top Cabin today. You can go hike all day, then come back and relax in the hot tub and do all again tomorrow!

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