Explore the Tennessee Whiskey Trail

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail is a fun day trip from Deer Creek Cabin or Rocky Top Cabin. Being on the Cumberland Plateau, you are very close to several of the stops along this trail. Tennessee has been a leader in producing distilled spirits. Tennessee is prime real estate for the production of whiskey. The Tennessee Whiskey Trail was established in 2017 by distilleries that have been making legendary Tennessee whiskey for generations. There are many small distilleries in this area. You can visit an authentic water hole called the Jug Creek Distillery. The process here of distilling, bottling and proofing is done entirely by hand using local grains and Tennessee honeycombs. Drive on east and you can stop by Short Mountain Distillery. This is an awesome place to taste organic Tennessee Whiskey or original Tennessee moonshine. Also, enjoy a great local cafe that serves organic burgers, fried chicken and waffles and a one of a kind moonshine brownie! Trust me, it’s all good! After lunch, enjoy a nice scenic ride to Knoxville and stop by the tasting room at Knox Whiskey Works right near downtown Knoxville. You can sample four of the locally produced spirits, or try the award winning Old City Heirloom Corn Whiskey. One more stop, just down the street is Post Modern Distilling. This is a locally owned distillery located in the historic Jackson Terminal. This distillery has a tasting room and manufacturing facility on site, which is a 4,000 square foot facility. See one or see them all! There are plenty distilleries scattered about west, middle and east Tennessee. Click on the link below to read all about the history of Tennessee Whiskey and all the distilleries that are in this great state. Make your reservations today at Deer Creek Cabin or Rocky Top Cabin and get out and enjoy this historical and fun trail.

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